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Mission: Place the Talents Right

"We believe every person is born as a superhero, just that there are different types of superpower in this world. To make good use of one's power, one shall first be aware of it then all the way keep developing it"  - Founder, Intern Pitch

Founded by HKU alumni, Intern Pitch is a Hong Kong HR consultancy 
with a online platform that matches interns with the best-fit internship opportunities
offered by corporates and startups. 

We believe in what the legendary American psychologist Abraham Maslow said
"self-actualisation is the stage a person lives the fullest of life."

In the light of this, we champion the importance of self-awareness and self-actualisation
through one's career development.

To build the best career path, it is critical to start from university life.
We help students to identify and match their strengths, personality, and passion with the right internship.

For interns, we match you with the best-suited internship offers
after assessing your passion, personality and career aspiration,
alongside academic backgrounds and work experiences.  

For hiring companies, we refer you to the right interns
with matched personality and passion, alongside your requirements


Founders' Story

Why is Intern Pitch founded?
Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, our founders spot a common challenge that
no less than one-third of the students faced in universities:

That is the young talents getting misplaced to the wrong companies and positions
which makes them become de-motivated and ignorant of their own potentials. 

To wrestle with this challenge,
they established Intern Pitch to match students with the best-fit internship offers. We take into account not only the students' academic qualifications and work experiences but also their passion, personality and career preferences.

Founders' Background

NW Cheng

  • Previously a management consultant in  a Fortune-500 MNC
    with HR and Management Consultancy background

  • Experienced in psychological research and use of psychometric assessments

  • Ex-AIESECer

  • BSocSc in Psychology 

T Tang

  • Worked in Top International Public Relations Agencies.

  • Experienced in cross-industry multi-national
    advertising and business communications projects

  • BA in English Studies

Alvin Lam

  • Serial Entrepreneur in Corporate/Employer Branding, Event Management &
    Graphic Design with proven success record

  • Hong Kong Design Incubation Programme 2018 Winner

  • MA in Fashion Design

Edward Lee

  • Ex-Technology Consultant in Capital Market with
    work experiences across Hong Kong and London

  • Specialised in Architecture Design, Full Stack Software Development

  • BSc in Computer Science

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