Visions & Missions

Our mission:

To place the talents right. In the right positions developing the right skills.

Our vision:

To create a world where employees get their potentials actualised and their well-being optimised. 

Founders' Story

Why is Intern Pitch founded?
We often see employees being misplaced in wrong positions and being assigned inappropriate roles & responsibilities.

As such their potentials become overlooked and inadequately developed.  

With the aim to rebalance this deviation  
We established Intern Pitch to match employees with the 
job opportunities 

based on specific skills they are genuinely good at and determine to acquire respectively

with personality as additional insights to inform selection and hiring decisions

Founders' Background

N.W. Cheng (he/him)

  • Ex-Management Consultant & Ex-AIESECer

  • Experienced in psychological assessment & training and project management

  • BSocSc in Psychology (First-class Honour)

LinkedIn Profile

Alvin Lam (he/him)

  • Serial Entrepreneur & Independent Consultant on Corporate Branding

  • Experienced in business development and marketing 

  • M.A. in Fashion Designer

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Edward Lee (he/him)

  • Ex-Technology Consultant in Capital Market & Retails

  • Experienced in Full-stack Software Development and Infrastructure Design

  • BSc in Computer Science 

LinkedIn Profile

"We believe every person is born as a superhero, just that there are different types of superpower in this world.
To make good use of one's power, one shall first be aware of it then all the way keep developing it" 
- Founders, Intern Pitch

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