Holland Code Career Test

  • Developed by renowned American psychologist John L. Holland and adopted from Truity Psychometrics LLC 

  • Theoretical support from The Holland Occupational Themes on career counseling research and practice

  • This test informs the employees' personality styles and their optimal work conditions to use their skills

  • ​Each individual will be assigned the three-letter personality code with the highest scores from RIASEC

  • RIASEC: Realistic, Investigate, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional

6 Interest Areas


Role: Doer (Building)

Strength: Physical Skills, Use of tools

Values: Assertive, Practical, Action-oriented, Down-to-earth

Typical Careers: Engineers, Mechanicians, Pilot


Role: Thinker (thinking)

Strength: Researching, Analysing, Problem-solving

Values: Logical, Rational, Explorative

Typical Careers: Scientist, Researcher, Surgeon


Role: Creator (Creating)

Strength: Creativity, Imagination, Artistic Expression

Values: Intuitive, Flexibility, Originality

Typical Careers: Architect, Designer, Editors


Role: Helper (Helping)

Strength: Advising, Client-centre, Coaching

Values: Altruism, Cooperation, Services

Typical Careers: Counseling, Human Resources, Health Care


Role: Persuader (Persuading)

Strength: Deciding, Leading, Strategising 

Values: Assertive, Confident, Self-motivated

Typical Careers: Business, Management, Leadership Roles


Role: Organiser (Organising)

Strength: Systematising, Processing, Following Procedures

Values: Attention to Details, Clarity, Structured

Typical Careers: Financial Analyst, Accountant, Administration