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The common challenge of a start-up or a multi-national conglomerate is not only the extra time and personnel expenses on recruitment
but also placing the right talents in the right position based on SKILLS and PERSONALITY.

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Intern Pitch helps you navigate and arrange sessions to speak with the best-suited interns/graduates on career opportunities

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Step 1 & 2: Fill in 2 Registration Forms

Step 1: Registration Form
Prepare the following items and fill in the
(1)  Registration Form 
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After receiving your form,
we will send you a Requirement Form to your email.

Step 2: Requirement Form

Fill in the (2) Requirement Form to provide your preferences on skills, personality and qualifications.

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Step 3: Meet with the Best-fit Talents

Here we help you with assessment and communication

After you have completed the two forms,

we will start processing your case right away.

By considering your preferences , we will line you up with the

interns/graduates for communications on upcoming opportunities.

Step 4: Welcome your Intern On Board

You will have the full autonomy to speak with
the interns/graduates  for collaboration.

Intern Pitch will advise you on
the market trends and best practice including:

  • Type of Internship/Graduate Job

  • Duration of Engagement

  • Employee Benefits

  • Salary Package

  • Travel Allowance

Our HR experts will continue monitor the intern's level of engagement, satisfaction, and performance as a third party

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Step 1:
Fill in Registration Form

Step 1: Fill in the Registration Form

Openings (multiple options)
Job Function
Upload JD

Step 2:
Fill in Requirement Form

After submitting the registration form, 
check your email address for the requirement form. 

Step 3:
Result Released

We will line you up with the interns/graduates
who are interested in your company for opportunities  

Step 4:
Get Interns On-Board

Intern Pitch is keen to be your advisor on securing the interns/graduates to join you

Why Intern Pitch?

Free to Start

You will be introduced to a list of talents that are interested in your company based on their skills, personality and career aspirations

Skill- and Personality-oriented

Intern Pitch emphasises the importance of skills and personality in the interns/graduates, alongside their academic qualifications and work experience.

Experts in Millennial and Gen-Z Talents

Intern Pitch provides a platform for you to gain access to the 1500+ millennial and Gen-Z talents with specific details skills, personality, previous work experiences, and the most relevant information for your selection.

Highest Cost Efficiency

No Job Ads required. Skip all the sourcing and selection processes. Go straight to unlock profiles in Intern Pitch platform and you can connect with the good-fit talents

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