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Your Trusted Partner to Hire Young Talents

"Bridging you to the well-trained talents who are here not only to learn but also to contribute"

Your Pain Point?

Exceeding budget to source and select interns and graduates of high quality.

Insufficient resources to manage and monitor the young employees.

Lack of time to collect feedback and evaluate the internship programme.

Our Sweet Spot!

We save your effort in sourcing and selection by matching the skill-and personality-fit interns & graduates for you.

Young talents are onboarded within a week to create impacts through projects and BAUs with high motivation. 

Constant feedback is collected from the talents to inform your efficiency and employer branding. 

Why Intern Pitch?

How to Engage Intern Pitch?

Step 1: Register an Employer account

Take 3 minutes to register a full membership account for FREE

Step 2: Submit your Job Vacancies

Fill in the requirement form and tell us your openings

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Step 3: Select the Best-fit Talents

We matched your job opening(s) to approximately 4 to 6 candidates based on their skills, personality, and individual preference.

You will receive their complete profiles with the key information to decide whether interviewing, giving the offer to, or rejecting the candidate(s). We can also select for you. 

Step 4: Insights for Employer Branding

Constant feedback will be collected from the selected interns/graduates to inform you of their expectations and opinions on their journeys.

These are the direct and useful insights for you to manage your employer branding and working conditions in your company

Employers: Employers


95% of interns within our networks have previous work experiences with applicable skills in the relevant fields

Right Skills

Interns/Graduates are matched for you based on their strengths in hard & soft skills useful for your business

Right Personality

We assess the Big Five, MBTI, and RIASEC personality of the candidate to help best assign the best-fit tasks 


The matching service is completely free and open to all types of employers  

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