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"Reach out to the best-suited interns with with expected passion and personality" 

No matter for a multi-national corporate or a start-up firm,
the common challenge is not only confined to the extra time and expenses on recruiting interns
but also getting the right talents in the right position.

To save your effort on selection and recruitment,
Intern Pitch helps you source and refer you the right candidates that match with your requirements.

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Step 1 & 2: Fill in Two Recruitment Forms

Here we help you with sourcing and selection

Step 1: Recruiter Form
Prepare the following items and fill in the
(1)  Recruiter Form 
below in our website 

After receiving your form,
we will send you a Requirement Form  to your email.

Step 2: Requirement Form

Fill in the (2) Requirement Form and Upload JD to provide your hiring preferences on candidates' personality and qualifications.

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Step 3: Select the Best-fit Talents

Here we help you with assessment and coordination

After you have completed the two recruitment forms, we will process your case internally. 

By considering your openings and requirements, we perform the matching process and send you the profiles of the right candidate(s):

  • Academic Qualifications

  • Hard & Soft Skills

  • Personality 

You can also arrange a phone/video interview(s) with the candidates.

Step 4: Get your Intern On Board

Here we help you with Term Negotiation​

Before giving out the offer(s), we will help you to negotiate and notify the following terms to the intern(s):

  • Type of Engagement (salary-based/non salary-based)

  • Duration of Engagement

  • Employee Benefits (if any)

  • Salary (if any)

  • Travel Allowance (if any)

After both parties agree on the terms, it comes to a successful matching! We will pass the case to you directly. 

Our recruitment experts will continue keeping track of the intern's level of engagement, satisfaction, and performance. 

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Step 1:
Fill in Recruiter Form


Step 1: Fill in the Recruiter Form

Openings (multiple options)
Job Function

Step 2:
Fill in Requirement Form

After submitting the recruiter form, 
check your email address for the requirement form. 


Step 3:
Get Candidates's CV and
Personality Test Result

We perform the matching and send you the profile of the right candidates 


Step 4:
Get Interns On-Board

Give offers to the right candidates and bring them on board


Why Joining Us?

High Cost Efficiency

Free to register and post job ads. 
Only charged when the candidate starts working.


Raise your requirements on skills, personality and qualifications
then we will match for you

Validated Personality Test

Candidates are assessed with scientific and validated
psychometric tests on personality and career preferences

Outsourcing Your Negotiation

We are the delegated party to negotiate
the terms with the candidates for you

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