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Finding an Internship?

"There are no such things as bad interns. They are only the good interns being misplaced"

What is it?
Intern Pitch is the first Hong Kong-based platform that

facilitates students to secure best-fit internship opportunities given by corporates and startups,

by skills and personality


How does it work?

With the use of our proprietary methodology and validated psychometric assessment tools, 
you will be assessed and advised based on your skills and personality,
alongside your academic background and work experiences.

What will I get?
Very likely more than ONE Internship Offers!
Your will manage to get the interview invitation or internship offer(s) anytime throughout a year!

How can I apply?
Step 1: Fill in the online application form (3 mins)
Step II: Submit your CV (2 mins)
Step III: Do the personality tests with free reports (optional)

How much is it?

Completely Free for Students. Register NOW!

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It was an extremely difficult decision since the candidates were all pretty good.

Happy to spread the good word about Internpitch and keep in touch. We will definitely use your platform again.

The speed of getting us the right interns has saved our time!
It also provides us the candidates’ available slotswhich helped us to go one step further. 

Real Estate Private Equity Firm

Business Director,
Regional Workspace Startup

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Interns' Benefits

Free to Go

Register Online  

One-off Registration for Many Offers

Personalise Your Requests

Negotiate with Employers

Adivsed by Skills & Personality

One-to-one Career Advice & Resources

Employers' Benefits

Free to Go

Register Online

Candidates' Skills and Personality Info

Skills & Personality On-demand

Negotiate with Interns on Contract

Immediately Available

Ongoing Performance Tracker


If you are a tertiary/undergraduate student who is looking for internship opportunities, click 'Start NOW' to begin this journey.

We welcome students from all backgrounds 
so long as you have the passion to explore and learn.   


If you are the recruiter of a corporate/start-up firm that is hiring young talents, click 'Start NOW' to being the journey.

We welcome companies from all kinds of business nature
so long as you have the readiness to nurture.