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Step 2 and 3:
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Your Step-by-step Guide to Start

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Step 1: Register the Full Membership

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Tell us the information about yourself and upload your CV.

Better include the following info in your CV:

  • Work Experience 

  • Tertiary Education

  • Extra-curricular/Voluntary Activities

  • Hard & Soft Skills

  • Language Proficiency

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Step 2 and 3:
Request Form  and Personality Assessment

After registering for the full membership,  you will have the opportunity to tell us your requests. 


In this request form, you can share the following preference:

  • preferred industry

  • preferred types of positions

  • preferred hard and soft skills to learn

You will also be invited to take part in 3 online personality tests:

  • Big Five Inventory (John & Benet-Martinez, 1998)

  • 16 Personality MBTI Test (NERIS Analytics, 2021)

  • Holland Code Career Test (Holland, 1970)

You will get a free report on your personality tendencies at work. 

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Step 4: Receive the Interview(s) and/or Offer(s)

Your profile is successfully built here!

Our operation team will match your profile with the good-fit internship/graduate opportunity based on your skills and personality.

When both parties (intern & employer) accepted the offer, your internship/graduate job will begin.

Our career facilitators will support you during the pre-and post-interview stage.


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Thank you so much for the match! I was struggling to find a good company to work for this Summer!
Your hard work goes to help so many students that are willing to take on a good internship
especially with the Covid-19 impacts.

Year 3, BBA, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Why Intern Pitch?

Hybrid Matching

We do not only rely on complex algorithms but also human judgment for operations 


The whole process, from registration to matching, is entirely done online


Once you created your profile,

we keep matching you with job opportunities for the whole year

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