A Successful Career
Begins with the Best Internship

"It is the matter of now or never to fuel a successful career"

Every student wishes to achieve the best career path.
Yet, most of them do not realise the way to achieve it is to
start planning and developing the skills and knowledge through the RIGHT internship.  

Intern Pitch takes the initiative to be your best facilitator in career development. 
We advise you to achieve the best-suited internship offered by corporate/start-up firms for FREE

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Step 1: Submitting
Application Form and CV

To get an internship offer(s),
you have to complete two tasks in order to kickstart the matching process. 
The first step is to (1) fill in the application form and (2) submit your CV.

Business Meeting

Step 2: Doing
Personality Assessment

Your profiles will be examined by our recruitment experts and will be advised the path towards your desirable internship and/or graduate job 

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Step 3: Begin Your
Internship Journey

You can have a choice to provide feedback about the hiring companies.
Once both parties agreed to proceed, you will start your internship journey.

The Step-by-step Guide to Start NOW

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Step 1: Submit the Application Form

Take 3 minutes to fill in the application form in the session below. 
You can scroll down or click the button to start. 

Step 2: Send CV to info@internpitch.com

After submitting the application form, you can send your CV to us.

Better include the following info:

  • Work Experience 

  • Secondary & Tertiary Education

  • Extra-curricular/Voluntary Activities

  • Technical Skills

  • Language Proficiency

Send it to info@internpitch.com

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Standing Meeting

Step 3: Attend the Online Assessment Session

After receiving your (1) Application Form and (2) CV, our recruitment experts will review and examine your case in detail.

You will have a chance to be invited for a phone/online assessment covering the following areas:

  • Communication Skills

  • Empathy Level

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Personality

  • Personal Branding   

You will also be asked to provide the certificate/qualifications for the purpose of verification.

Step 4: Receive Our Off

We will contact and advise you with the best-suited internship and/or graduate jobs based on skills and personality

You will also have the opportunities to speak with the hiring manager of a corporate or a founder of start-up for future opportunities

Giving a Presentation

Step 1: Submit the Application Form

Application Form - Intern

Which Types of Position(s) Are You Looking For?
Preferred Industry
Top Priority

Next Step: Send your CV to info@internpitch.com


Step 2: Submit your CV

Send your CV to info@internpitch.com
Include [CV - your name] on the email subject

Step 3: Assessment

We will send you an email with the personality assessment and instructions.
It takes around 25-30 minutes to complete.

Step 4: Receive
Our Advice

You will receive our advice on the best-suited types of internship based on skills and personality.
You have the chance to speak with the right companies for open opportunities.

Thank you so much for the advice! I was struggling to find a good company to work for this Summer!
Your hard work goes to help so many students that are willing to take on a good internship
especially with the Covid-19 impacts.

Year 3, BBA, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology


Why Intern Pitch?

Personalised Services

Your will be advised with the right internship opportunities based on skills and personality

Easy Online Application

The whole process will be accessible and completed online

Free to Go

No cost is required for all stages of the application and process

Data Security

All data will be used within Intern Pitch and the associated companies without any access by third-party entities