4 Personality Types (for Role/Position)

The personality test is designed and operated in accordance with
the theoretical framework of MBTI and Big Five Personality Traits.

Each talent will fall under one of the four types based on one's result. The particular personality type represents the sweet spot where one is likely to perform and actualises one's potentials the best in a role/position.  

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MBTI: any type falls under _NT_

"I'm fancy about fact and knowledge come up by logical thinking and scientific evidences" 


Intellectual Debate, Rationality, Strategic Thinker


Data Analytics, Fact-finding, Research

Not Prefer:

Highly Emotional Environment, Inflexible Thinking, Hope-based Decisions

Industry Preferences: 

Consulting, Engineering, Investment, Science & Research

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MBTI: any type falls under _NF_

"I find meanings in work related to people and the impacts around them" 


Empathy, Cooperation, Influential


People Engagement, Social Interaction, Teamwork 

Not Prefer:

Impersonal Culture, Repetitive, Overly Detailed Work

Industry Preferences: 

Human Resources, Public Relations, Sales, Services Work

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MBTI: any type falls under _S_J

"I enjoy working in an organised, ordered and stable environment" 


Order, Practical, Stability


Make and Stick to Plan, See Order as Effectiveness, Work Completeness,

Not Prefer:

Lack of Discipline, Unclear Procedures & Unexpected Changes

Industry Preferences: 
Business Administration, Logistics, Project Management 

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MBTI: any type falls under _S_P

"I appreciate flexible work patterns with creativity and innovations" 


Connection with Surroundings, Spontaneous and Quick Reaction, Utilitarian 


Adaptive, Comfortable with Changes, Seeking New Opportunities

Not Prefer:

Stick to Tradition, Strict Deadlines, Restrictive Rules

Industry Preferences: 
Advertising, Consulting, Customer Services, News & Media 

6 Career Types
(for Activities/Task)

The Career Test categorises a talent into one of the six career types by their preferred work activities and tasks.

It represents the responsibility and tasks a talent would work with the highest efficiency and satisfaction with the minimal effort

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The "Creators"

Creative, Innovative & Intuitive

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The "Thinkers"

Good at Observation, Analysis, Evaluation

The "Helpers"

People-oriented, Enlightening, Training

The "DO-ers"

Practical, Research & Methodological

The "Persuaders"

Influencing, Leading & Persuading

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The "Organisers"

Being Accurate, Detail-oriented & Organised