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Business Consultant

Employers: Consultancy Services

We offer strategic advisory and bespoke research services on 3 core areas, primarily (1) business-to-student market insights, (2) employer branding, and (3) recruitment.

Your projects will be conducted through the evidence-based methodology, supported by our proprietary database and domain-specific knowledge.

All deliverable (i.e. Roadmap, Report, White Paper) will be formulated through within the agreed timeline and price.  


Employers: Talent Access Platform

We offer talent access services for corporates and start-up companies who are eager to recruit interns and graduates, with preferences specific skills and personality types. 

The end-to-end recruitment solutions comprises advisory services on areas including (1) requirement gathering, (2) smart sourcing, (3) psychometric and skill matching, (4) candidate selection, (5) interview arrangement, (6) term negotiation and (7) feedback monitoring.

Graduates: Early-career Job Matching

Similarly, we offer advisory services on graduate jobs for fresh graduates in accordance with their personality and skills.

We determine to facilitate "Job Satisfaction" and "Career Planning" through which the future pillars navigate the right career direction at the beginning of their work lives. 

Students: Internship

We target at advisory services on internship opportunities for university students (both bachelor's and master's degree) based on their personality and skills.


We aim to promote "On-the-job Career Skill Training" in which students will be introduced with companies that they can leverage the skills they are proficient in and learn the skills they determine to acquire from the employers.