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Talent Matching Services

We operate the technology-enabled platform to match interns & graduates with in-person and virtual job opportunities based on skills and personality. 

We also facilitate corporates and start-up companies to hire interns & graduates ranging from talent sourcing, assessment, selection, and management.

Talent Matching


Employer Branding Services

We integrate brand auditing, business strategies, design thinking, and evidence-based market research on designing and implementing bespoke solutions to revitalise your employer branding. 

Service Offerings:

  • Employer Brand Auditing

  • Brand Positioning & Benchmarking

  • Event & Campaign Management

  • Recruitment Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Visual Design & Production

Consulting Services

We provide strategic advisory and implementation consultancy services in recruiting, engaging, and retaining Millennials & Generation-Z employees to fulfill your strategic imperatives.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Assessment & Selection

  • Culture & Well-being Programme

  • Development & Retention

  • Internship/Graduate Programme 

  • HR Outsourcing 
  • Recruitment Effectiveness 


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